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No Host Barred

Hosting is not easy, but the best host effortlessly navigate venue, artists, and backstage drama. From breaking up fights to being stalked by overzealous fans these seasoned hosts have experienced and heard it all. Join us as they share their poetry, adventures traveling across the country, and tips on the business of hosting. This show will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Nathan P. the former host of the Nuyorican Poets’ Café’s Open Mic and Friday Night Slams.

I'm So New Jersey

Bogies, Euphoria, Serengeti Plains, Mardi Grass Grill, Lyrical Riot… If any of these poetry venues sounds familiar to you, you might be from New Jersey. Before social media and before cell phones could text Jersey poets would travel in groups of ten or more to poetry venues throughout the tri-state area. Join us as we reminisce, share poems, stories, and discuss what it is like to be an artist during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This event will be followed by an open mic and everyone is welcomed. Even if you are not from the Garden State.

Are you thinking about writing a book? Wondering who you should ask or talk to about self-publishing?  Well, this show is for you. These artist will be sharing poems from their books and giving advice on how you can self-publish your own book. This event will be followed by a panel discussion.

Published Poets

Hosting During COVID-19

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