HDL wrote her first one-person show, Just Me, in two days.
HDL has a BA in biology from Rutgers University.
HDL ran a drop in center for prostitutes.
HDL is currently writing a new one-person show.

HDL is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC).
HDL was a member of the Nuyorican National Slam Team.
HDL aired on HBO’s Def Poetry III and tapped for season IV.
HDL has over 17 years of professional social service experience.
HDL was a member of the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts’ On The Spot Improv troupe.
HDL wrote her play, Call Me Crazy: Diary of A Mad Social Worker, after a fire at work.
HDL is currently the co-host of the National Black Theater Festival’s Midnight Poetry Jam.