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"SHEnanigans"- a theatrical masterpiece!

August 19, 2019

After her mother's unexpected death, a devoted daughter struggles to adjust to her newfound matriarchal duties. An intimate, dramatic, and humorous look at love and life from a "menopause baby"; who embraces her inherent dysfunction to care for her eccentric 82-year-old father and Smokey, the affable family dog.

Agent of Change

July 24, 2014

Off Off Online is a sight that reviews plays. This article is no different and gives a thorough description of Helena's play "Call Me Crazy" and what to expect when going to see the performance.  For more information, click the "Article" button below.

Multiple Points of View

December 10, 2013

Rutgers Magazine published a feature article about Helena's play, "Call Me Crazy." The piece explores the plot of the show and Helena's thoughts about the production. For more information, click the "Article" button below.

One-Woman Play of Charts Highs and Lows of Social Work Field

June 06, 2010

Social Workers Speak published a brief synopsis on the life of Helena D. Lewis. The article highlights the what led Helena to pursue both Social Work and live performance. For more information, click the "Article" button below.

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